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Albatron PX915P Professional: Overclocking and Stress Testing Front Side Coach Overclocking Testbed Processor: Pentium 4 Prescott LGA 775 560 Sera (2.8GHz-3.6GHz) Processor Voltage: 1.425V (1.3675V default) Chilling: Thermaltake Jungle 502 Power Source: OCZ Strength Flow 520 Optimum CPU OverClock: 222x18 (3996MHz) +11% Optimum FSB OC: 250FSB back button 14 (+25%) The Albatron 915P Pro has been an above-average performer in our overclock testing, reaching 3996MHz at the stock 18X multiplier. At the Speedstep 14X proportion, the Albatron performed great to a 250 FSB setting. Above 250, the SATA commute disappeared and it was not feasible to shoe at increased FSB configurations. Since the Albatron carried on to shoe to the hard travel initialization stage at increased FSB, the Albatron may reach higher overclocks with an IDE commute. A several weeks after the launch of the lntel 915/925X chipsets, Albatron produced some statements that the key to higher overclocks on thé 915 chipset was improving Northbridge voltage. We do not find that additional increases in NB voltage allowed any higher overclock with SATA forces - 250 had been the limitation for our parts on the Albatron. For more info on how others take care of to overclock the 915/925X, please check.

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Free Download Albatron PX915P Pro Bios R1.00 (BIOS). The PX915P Pro represents the top 915 board aimed at the enthusiast. There are other boards in the Albatron 915 lineup, most notably, thePX915G Pro, which is the same board based on the integrated.

Storage Stress Check Outcomes: The memory space stress check methods the ability of the Albatron PX915P Professional to run at its formally supported memory rate of recurrence (400MHz DDR), at the greatest performing storage timings that OCZ Personal computer4200 American platinum eagle Rev. 2 will support.


Memory tension testing was executed by working DDR at 400MHz (share 1:1 ratio) with 2 DIMM slot machines working in Dual-Channel mode. Stable DDR400 Timings - 2 DIMMs (2/4 DIMMs - 1 Dual-Channel Lender) Time clock Speed: 200MHz Timing Mode: 1:1 (200:200 - Default) CAS Latency: 2.0 Bank or investment company Interleave: Auto RAS to CAS Hold off: 2 RAS Precharge: 2 Cycle Period (tRAS): 5 The Albatron had been completely steady with 2 DIMMs in Dual-Channel at DDR400 settings of 2-2-2-5 at 2.6V default voltage.

These are usually the fastest configurations obtainable with the DDR400 test DIMMs. Filling all four available memory slot machine games is more intense on the memory subsystem than screening 2 DDR2 quests on a motherboard.

Steady DDR400 Timings - 4 DIMMs (4/4 DIMMs - 2 Dual-Channel Banks) Clock Speed: 200MHz Time Mode: 1:1 (200:200 - Default) CAS Latency: 2.0 Standard bank Interleave: Auto RAS to CAS Delay: 2 RAS Precharge: 2 Routine Period (tRAS): 5 The system was stable with 4 DIMMs at the same aggressive settings utilized for 2 DIMMs. Wednesday, Dec 07, 2004 - The 915P chipset provides good worth for the cash. For example: ECS 915P-A $79 Intel Celeron Deb 325J 2.53GHz $88 Albatron GeForce 6600 128MW $120.50 or Albatron GeForce 6600GTestosterone levels 128MM $190.50 (newegg prices) The processor can become overclocked to 3.6+GHz really easily, very much like the Athlon Mobiles. That can make a good budget video gaming rig, much better than anything you could place collectively with an AMD processor chip for the same money.

Therefore, at minimum in my viewpoint, AMD offers a better mainstream/high-end processor, and Intel is the winner the value section. Who would state? - I have now study the entire write-up, and oh bóy! Though I prefer to examine about socket 754/939 motherboards, this offers to be the best motherboard roundup I ever study.

#22, say thanks to your repairing it. The typo I composed about on web page 10: 'The fact that Asus handles a increased OC than more recognized OC boards like DFI and Asus ' Wear't you indicate ABIT in the final phrase there?

How to Up-date Device Motorists Quickly Easily Tech Suggestion: Updating drivers personally requires some computer skills and tolerance. A faster and much easier option is usually to use the to scan your program for free of charge. The electricity tells you which specific drivers are usually out-of-daté for all óf your products. Action 1 - Download Your Driver To obtain the most recent driver, including Home windows 10 motorists, you can select from a checklist of.

Click on the download button following to the matching model title. After you finish your download, move on to. lf your driver is usually not detailed and you know the design name or number of your Albatron device, you can make use of it to fór your Albatron gadget model. Just type the design title and/or amount into the research container and click on the Research switch. You may notice different versions in the outcomes. Choose the greatest suit for your Personal computer and working system. If you don't know the design title or number, you can begin to slim your research down by choosing which type of Albatron gadget you have (like as Computer printer, Scanner, Video, System, etc.).

Start by choosing the proper category from our list of. Require more help obtaining the right driver? You cán and we wiIl discover it for you. We utilize a group from around the world. They add hundreds of fresh motorists to our site every day. Tech Tip: If you are having problems determining which is certainly the correct driver, try the.

It is a software program utility that will find the correct driver for you - automatically. Action 2 - Install Your Car owner After you download your brand-new driver, then you possess to set up it.

To install a driver in Windows, you will need to use a built-in energy called Gadget Manager. It enables you to see all of the devices regarded by your system, and the motorists linked with them.

. (we915G northbridge and ICH6 southbridge) It's quite an affordable model assisting DDR (which immediately decreases the overall cost of the system) with fantastic functionality and great overclocking potential - these mainboards are probably doomed to maximum requirement in the time period of migrating to brand-new systems. PCB layout looks really good, though you may have got some problems to connect wires to the fittings along the left edge of the mainboard simply because nicely as to IDE RAID fittings in situation of lengthy PCI cards installed.

Accessibility to the only jumper may become hampered when the mainboard is certainly in a situation, there in no brief explanation of jumper functions on the PCB. +5 Sixth is v Standby on the mainboard is indicated by a red Red.

The 3-stage turning voltage regulator of the processor chip includes four 1500 uF capacitors and ten 560 uF capacitors. The mainboard also contains voltage government bodies for PCIE 16x (four 1000 uF capacitors) and storage (six 1000 uF capacitors, reinforced by inductors). PX915G Pro and mainboards are formally the elderly versions in the collection of Albatron mainboards structured on i915P/Gary the gadget guy (the variety of versions is completely the exact same as well as their PCB layout). The variations are not large though: Mainbóards without the 'Pro' list do not really possess one network control - not Gigabit, as you may have expected, but 100-megabit.

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Versions with 'AGPe' suffix have an AGP slot machine rather of one of PCI slots (to all performances, with the data rate matching the PCI bus data price) enabling to make use of older AGP movie credit cards - what issues the relaxation, the features of these video cards coincides with the Pro mainboards. As a outcome, the PCB of PX915G Pro lacks empty seats. Mainboard sizes - 305x245 mm (full-sized ATX, nine-screw position, all mainboard edges are strongly set).