Cannot Add Gmail To Outlook 2011 For Mac


Configuring Gmail (IMAP) and Outlook for Mac 2011. Having recently started to use a Mac at home, quickly started to miss Outlook. So I was delighted to hear of the release of Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. The following are the instructions to set up IMAP access in Outlook 2011. Open Outlook, then enter Preferences through the Outlook menu in the menu bar, click Accounts, and add an e-mail account through the + button at the bottom of the accounts panel. When prompted, simply enter your email address and password and configure automatically.

Outlook for Mac pc 2011 Perspective for Macintosh can automatically set up accounts from numerous popular e-mail service companies such as (formerly recognized as Hotmail), A0L, Gmail, MobileMe, ánd Google. If View can'capital t set up an accounts immediately, you can configure it personally. When setting up personally, you'll want additional details about your account, for instance the account kind and details of email servers. Perspective facilitates both Put and IMAP accounts. To learn even more about each account type, observe.

Established up an Swap account. Open Perspective for Mac 2011. On the Tools menus, click Balances. If this can be the very first account you're generating in Outlook 2011, under Add an Account, click Trade Accounts. If you've previously made an e-mail account for a different email deal with, in the lower corner of the Balances dialog box, click, and then click Swap.

On the Enter your Swap account information page, type your e-mail deal with. Under Authentication, create sure User Name and Security password is selected. In the Consumer name box, kind your full email deal with. In the Password box, kind your password. Make sure Configure immediately is selected, and then click Add Account. After you click Add Account, Outlook will carry out an online search to discover your email server configurations. In the dialog package that demands if you desire to enable the server to configure your configurations, choose the Constantly make use of my reaction for this machine check box, and then click Allow.

If View is capable to set up your accounts, you'll notice the account you set up in the Accounts dialog box. Close the Balances dialog box. If Outlook isn't able to arranged up your account, notice the next area in this article.

Add even more email accounts. On the Equipment menus, click Balances. In the lower-left corner of the Balances dialog box, click Include, and then click Email. Enter your email address and password, and after that click Add Account. If the Insert Account key is inaccessible. Enter the information about your accounts, like the subsequent required fields: Consumer name, Type, Incoming machine, and Outgoing server.

If your e-mail service requires Secure Sockets Coating (SSL) for either the inbound or outgoing server, choose the Use SSL to connect check package for that server. Use the details from table below for balances: Areas Put IMAP Inbound server imap-maiI.outlook.

Com Port for the incoming machine 995 993 Outgoing server Port for the outgoing machine 587 587 When the procedure of incorporating the accounts is comprehensive, the account appears in the still left pane of the Accounts dialog package, and Outlook begins getting your communications. Information:. Your email service supplier may need you to allow Put or IMAP gain access to through its Web web site before you can use the account in Perspective.

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If you add a Take account and another kind of accounts, messages from the Put account show up in the lnbox under 0n My Pc in the folder listing. With Crop up and IMAP e-mail accounts, email communications are usually the only products that are usually synchronized between Outlook and the email server. Additional products that you make in Outlook - like as contacts, calendar activities, jobs, and notes - are saved on your computer, not really on the email machine. To remove an account, in the remaining pane of the Balances dialog package, choose an accounts, and after that click Delete. When you delete a Place account, present messages from that account remain in Perspective, but no further messages are usually downloaded or sent. When you remove an IMAP accounts, all text messages from that account are removed from View, but any copies of messages that you have got on the machine remain there. Items other than communications, like as connections and events, are not really impacted when you remove a Place or IMAP account.

Attempt the most recent edition of View The latest edition of Outlook for Macintosh makes it a breeze to add email accounts with simply a username and security password.