Highpoint Launches The Industry's Fastest Usb 3.0 Raid Hba's For Mac


PRESS RELEASE June 2014, Milpitas, California. HighPoint Technology, a pioneering pressure in the storage industry for over 19 years, continuously aims to deliver the fastest carrying out USB Get Docks to today's industry, and provides introduced the discharge of its 3 rd Era Dual Dedicated 5Gw/s USB 3.0 Storage Dock - the RocketStor 5422A. The RocketStor 5422A provides the business's fastest USB transfer functionality with a superior USB 3.0 feature collection. With án MSRP of $59.99, the RocketStor 5422A is definitely the is usually the easiest, quickest and most affordable method to include dual-báy, high-spéed SATA SSD ánd multi-terabyte tough drive storage space to any personal computer with USB slots! Easily accessibility SATA drives of any era, size and overall performance level!

Highpoint's rocketu 1144cm: 3rd generation pci-e 2.0 x4 usb 3.0 hba designed for apple mac pro's and mac os x. The rocketu 1144cm is a pci-e 2.0 x4 usb 3.0 hba designed for apple mac pro's and mac os x 10.8 mountain lion. The RocketStor 6124V is the industry’s fastest 4-Bay USB enclosure. Backed by our market-proven Turbo RAID technology and dedicated per-port performance architecture, the RocketStor 6124V can deliver 1,000MB/s of sustained transfer performance!

The RocketStor 5422A supports any off the shelf SATA SSD and tough push! It completely compatible with any overall performance level; from SATA 1 to SATA III, facilitates 3.5' and 2.5' type elements, and can handle disks of any capacity including the most recent 6TN versions.

The RocketStor 5422A can be used with any Computer or Macintosh program with USB slots, is fully backwards compatible with USB 2.0/1.0 fittings, and demands no drivers or additional software to setup - just plug and move!. Sector's Fastest DuaI-Bay USB Drive Boat dock - Dual Dedicated USB 3.0 Engines. Double Dedicated 6Gn/s SATA slots deliver ideal performance for 6Gm/s SATA SSD'beds. Functions with any 2.5'/3.5' SATA SSD HDD. No capacity limitation - supports up to 6TC hard memory sticks. Perfect Storage Partner for USB 3.0 Laptops Motherboards. Mac and Personal computer compatible Uncompromised, Double Dedicated 5Gm/s Performance RocketStor 5422A storage space docks utilize HighPoint't revolutionary dual-dedicated 5Gw/s bay structures with UASP assistance, to deliver the fastest efficiency feasible over a USB connection.

UASP Overall performance Increase: The RocketStor 5422A is fully UASP compliant and is usually designed to maximize the overall performance ability of USB 3.0 devices. UASP (USB Attached SCSI) can be a personal computer protocol that is certainly utilized to transfer information to and from USB storage products and can manage multiple data transfer requests concurrently, unlike the slower queue system of BOT (Mass Only Transport), which just offers single-task commands - each job must total before the following begins. USB 3.0 connections functioning in UASP setting outcome in increased transfer rates of speed and lower Central processing unit utilization. SMART Green Energy Set: Instantly Moves down the commute when there is definitely no I/U exercise or the Program enters Rest Mode The RocketStor 5422A supports common Power Management functions provided by Home windows and OS X operating systems, like as Rest Mode and Hibernation.

Thé RocketStor 5422A and managed hard memory sticks will enter a low-power state when the operating system enters standby or sleep modes, in purchase to preserve power and maintain optimum efficiency. Availability and Pricing The RocketStor 5422A is certainly available immediately from HighPoint'h North United states Distribution and Retail stations. MSRP: USD $59.99.

Why Choose HighPoint? For the previous 19 yrs, HighPoint Technologies has been a pioneering drive in the storage space industry, providing a wide range of storage space controllers for all ranges of creation; from Chipsets RAlD HBA to today's exterior Storage space Adapter Device Solutions. Our hardware and FW executive teams possess happen to be at the front of the storage industry for the better component of two decades.

We are skilled in overall performance oriented user-application concentrated design, development and produce, and frequently work to improve our products centered on immediate opinions from our appreciated clients. Over the decades, we have got forged strong alliances and technologies relationships with industry-leading storage companies, which allow us to quickly deliver the most recent in storage space technologies to the worldwide marketplace. Item Design Viewpoint: Having the Intricacy and High Price out of today's Trimming Edge Storage space Technology HighPoint understand the importance and attractiveness of high overall performance in nowadays's industry. HighPoint's mission is usually to provide quality, reducing storage performance at affordable price points - from business and expert media applications, to personalized options for the home fanatic and strength user.

4-Devoted 5Gc/s USB 3.0 Ports! Driven by four devoted 5Gt/s controllers, á PCI-E 2.0x4 web host user interface and UAS, HighPóint's RocketU 1144C is usually the business's fastest USB 3.0 storage space controller. The RocketU 1144C is definitely optimized for nowadays's fastest USB 3.0 devices, and will be well appropriate for a widé-range of programs including transportable/removable storage, storage development, personal press libraries, and backup options. PCI-E 2.0 times4 4x Dedicated 5Gw/s USB 3.0 ports Designed for business standard USB products Supports Windows 7 / Server 2008 afterwards (PC's only) and Macintosh OS Times 10.9 later Unleash the Performance Possible of USB Storage space Unlike typical USB cards that are usually best utilized as easy gadget hubs, RocketU HBA't are distinctively suited for high-speed USB 3.0 storage adjustments. With devoted 5Gn/s per-port overall performance, also perfect for a variety of exterior storage options like multi-drive báys, RAID enclosures, ánd exterior SSD'h.

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Helps all Sector Regular USB2.0/USB3.0 Devices! The RocketU 1144C can be an aIl-in-oné, USB 3.0 connection answer for any PCIe able desktop computer and workstation Computer's.

In add-on to top of the line storage gadgets, the RocketU 1144C's 3rd era USB 3.0 structures supports business standard USB 2.0 and 3.0 peripherals, like as device hubs, card visitors and interface products. USB Storage space for Mac pc's If you are looking for a Mac-specific design designed solely for USB storage space products, we suggest the RocketU 1144CM, which provides 4-Dedicated 5Gn/s USB 3.0 slots and functions built-in RAlD 0, 1 and JBOD technology. An affordable 2-slot model can be also obtainable, identified as the RocketU 1022AM. Upgrade any PC with 20Gn/s óf USB 3.0 Bandwidth! The RocketU 1144C can be optimized for nowadays's fastest USB 3.0 tough drives and SSD's i9000, and is usually well suited for a widé-range of programs including transportable/removable storage, storage development, personal mass media libraries, and backup solutions. Designed with simplicity of installation and optimum compatibility in mind, RocketU 1144C HBA's can be utilized with any free PCIe 2.0/1.0 times4, times8 or x16 slot. The RocketU 1144C will be fully compliant with the xHCI standards, and is usually natively backed by Windows 8 and Linux distributions that utilize kernel v2.6.31.

Kit Material RocketU 1144C Web host Controller Quick Installation Guide Unleashing the Following -Level of USB 3.0 Efficiency! UAS (USB Attached SCSI) is usually a computer process that can be utilized to transfer data to and from USB storage space devices such as difficult drives, strong state turns (SSDs) and thumb/flash drives. UAS can be reliant on the USB process, and makes use of the regular SCSI order collection. UAS mixed with HighPoint'beds innovative per-port functionality architecture, improves transfer functionality to new levels!