Indian Definitons


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Wiktionary (0.00 / 0 ballots) Rate this definition:. Indian (Noun) Individual from Indian. Indian (Noun) A associate of one of the native peoples of the Americas (but not really a associate of the AIeut, Inuit, Metis, ór Yupik). Indian (Nóun) An Foreign Aborigine. Indian (Noun) A Maori. Indian (Noun) An Indian meal. We're heading out today for an lndian.

  1. An Indian reservation is a legal designation for an area of land managed by a federally recognized Native American tribe under the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs.
  2. The indefinite pronouns are used when you do not know or do not need to say precisely who or what you are referring to. The noun phrase which they substitute for can refer to a person, a thing, or a.
Indian Definitons

Kids Definition of Indian (Entry 2 of 2) 1: of or relating to India or its peoples. 2: of or relating to the American Indians or their languages. Keep scrolling for more. Definition of Indian - relating to India or to the subcontinent comprising India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh., relating to or denoting indigenous peoples o.

Indian (Adjective) 0f or relating to India or its people. Indian (Adjective) Of or pertaining to the indigenous peoples of the Americas (but not the Aleut, lnuit, Metis, ór Yupik).

Indian (PropérNoun) Any language voiced by Indians. Source: Noun: 1495 Yndeens or Indes, 1548 Indyans, 1553 Indians, 1611 Indian. Adjective: 1566. Webster Dictionary (1.00 / 1 vote) Rate this definition:. lndian (adj) of ór relating to India proper; furthermore to the Far east Indies, or, occasionally, to the Western world Indies. Indian (ádj) of or pertaining to the aborigines, or Indians, of America; mainly because, Indian wars; thé Indian tomahawk. lndian (adj) made of maize or Indian corn; simply because, Indian hammer toe, Indian food, Indian bread, and the such as.

Indian (noun) a indigenous or inhabitant of India. Indian (noun) oné of the aboriginaI occupants of U . s; - so called initially from the supposed identification of Usa with India 0rigin: From India, ánd this fr. lndus, the title of a lake in Asia, D. Indus, Gr., OPers. Hindu, title of the land on the lndus, Skr. Sindhu lake, the Indus.

Chambers 20tl Centuries Dictionary (0.00 / 0 votes) Price this definition:. lndian in′di-án, adj. Owed to the Indies, East or Western, or to thé aborigines of North america.- in. A native of the Indies: a European who resides or provides resided in Indian: an aboriginal of Usa.- ns. In′diáman, a large vessel utilized in trade, with Indian; In′diá-rub′ber, án elastic gummy element, the inspissated juice of several tropical plant life, extensively used in the disciplines: caoutchouc.- adj.

Utilization: In contemporary periods the expression may send to a associate of an aboriginal United states individuals, to an inhábitant of the subcontinént of Indian, or to a citizen of the Republic of India. In the 18tl century the term emerged to end up being utilized for the aboriginal residents of the U.T.

And Canada; it now consists of the aboriginal individuals of South U . s as well. Amerindian and created in the following century in a more attempt to reduce ambiguity. The almost all recent naming, esp. In Northern Usa, is. American Indians themselves have a tendency to use the terms Indian, American Indian, or a specific tribal title.

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They sometimes pertain to themselves jointly as Indian Peoples. Whether one term will obtain ascendancy over the others continues to be to be observed. The only pre-European residents of North America to whom ór terms using thé word usu. Are not applied are the Eskimós and Aleuts.