Jollysfastvnc 1.52 Free Download For Mac


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  2. JollysFastVNC Home is using the popular Virtual Network Computing (VNC) and the Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) technologies to remotely connect to other computers in no time. Moreover, the utility includes support for the SSH, SSL, SOCKS, IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, allowing you to make sure the connection is secure.

JollysFastVNC is certainly a major virtual network computing (VNC) app for Mac. No issue where you are, JollysFastVNC provides you a strong and protected remote connection to your Macintosh.

Lastly, you'll possess the independence to roam. Your Mac, obtainable from anywhere. More methods to connect. JollysFastVNC will be even more than a VNC customer. It furthermore supports Apple company Remote Desktop computer. More security.

When using VNC, safety is important. JollysFastVNC features built-in assistance for SSH tunneIing, SSL, and S0CKS. Even more flexibility.

Download DirSync Pro 1.52 for Mac OS. DirSync Pro is a multi-platform program that lets you synchronize your files and folders.

Need to login from a Windows machine, develop multiple contacts, or help a multi-monitor setup? JollysFastVNC does it all. Functions:. Quick.

Secure - SSH tunneling, SSL, SOCKS assistance inbuilt. Mac login, keyboard, pasteboard, remote screen lock and keep track of selection support. Windows login and area login assistance. Multiple cable connections, fullscreen, multi-monitor support.

SmartZoom for observing large remote control desktops. International keyboard support.

Reverse cable connections including computerized Nat-PMP / UPnP interface opening on routers. WakeOnLan support. Global/Specific hierarchical preferences. Bonjour like auto link to Bonjour hosts.

Remote cursor assistance - including smartzoom movement. Auto pasteboard synchrónisation. vnc:// ánd jfvnc:// url strategies for opening vnc connections from some other applications.

VNC éncodings ZRLE, Tight, zIib, rre, hextile, uncooked, copyrect, resolution change, -pixel format shift, lastrect and some even more.