The Cheapest Aerofly Professional Deluxe Platinum Edition For Mac


Jan 12, 2012  With there not being all that many RC flight simulators available for the Mac we decided to have a look at IPACS' Aerofly Pro Deluxe. Find out more at http:/. Ikarus 3071004 Aerofly 5 Flight Simulator for Mac USB-Interface Version $ 139.95. Ikarus 3051003 Aerofly Professional Deluxe Platnium Edition Flight Simulator $ 99.90. Ikarus 3061001 aerofly Professional Deluxe PLATINUM EDITION Flight Simulator MAC $ 114.95. Compare Prices.

  1. Ikarus AeroFly Pro Deluxe Windows To Mac Cross Upgrade IKAZ1015. Ikarus 3061001 aerofly Professional Deluxe PLATINUM EDITION Flight Simulator MAC $ 114.95.
  2. Jun 26, 2009  The Mac edition of AeroFly is identical to the AeroFly Professional Deluxe Platinum Edition for Windows and includes all AddOn's from 1 to 5. This gives a total of 118 Models 33 Photo Sceneries 13 3D sceneries AeroFly Professional Deluxe for Mac OS X is available either as a full version or as a Crossgrade for existing AeroFly users.

Hi now there I obtained my Aerofly for the Macintosh in the mail nowadays. It packed it up on the personal computer good. The Aerofly will not really examine my Spectrum DX7. I connected all the wires correctly. Plugged in thé USB to thé pc then the user interface adaptor with the three leads orange, reddish and pink. The tangerine lead is usually closest to the round sleeve, after that the 2.5 mm piece of cake connector is linked (appears like a mono put) then with the some other end of the cable connection I plug into the DX7 (looks like a stereo system put. I are going insane I attempted everything.

I utilized all three trainer modes in the package and nevertheless not reading the DX7. Make sure you help me obtain this software program started. Any ideas or ideas. Rajul 07:40 AM.

Yes I have got those contacts and the container had been in the normal mode too but still did not work. After performing further study there is another connector that is required. It looks like it changes the stereo system link to the package to a mono link. Here is usually the connection that can be required. I saw it on the Pastime Lobby site it is usually the Aerofly Pro Deluxe Adapter for Junior Specktrum Product Quantity AFP02.

Pcvrx850 driver for mac. Looks like it turns a stereo plug to a mono plug. Probably Stereo Shack would have got it.

I will examine before I ordér it. imgfile:///Usérs/daleberman/Desktop/áfp02.jpg/img rajul 09:45 AM. I will give a fast evaluation for Aerofly simuIator for the Mac. I possess a Macintosh 2 back button 2.8 GHZ Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 6GW of storage.

My graphics card is usually a ATI Radéon HD 2600 plus I am running 10.5.7. Installing the Aerofly is very simple. Just set up it in your programs folder and thé simulator will run from the folder not really the DVD. I feel using my Spéktrum DX7 with thé simulator. I has been getting a issue with the wires that arrived with the simuIator. Aerofly will not operate on the provide wires.

I got to buy a Aerofly Pro Deluxe adapter for the JR and Spektrum boxes from Pastime Reception. It changes the stereo male plug to a móno plug. The ones from Stereo Shack will not work. The only problem was it did not possess a great suit in the friend box connector.

The hard plastic around the man plug did not enable a great match in the friend box connection and it would put away of the connection and by performing that it blew a blend in my transmitter. I resolved the issue buy slicing out the tough plastic around the male tip and then I taped it up with electric powered recording. You simply possess to end up being cautious when you put in it in yóur transmitter. This is definitely a fantastic plan. It arrives with about 119 aeroplanes and helicopters and 46 various sceneries.

The photograph realistic types are usually the best. I really enjoy flying the warbirds. The system is very very practical to the real aeroplanes.

I tried my close friends Real Flight Simulator and I believed the Aerofly had been much better. For the price of this simuIator Aerofly should have provided the appropriate wires for the Junior/Spektrum boxes. I would recommend this to any a single with a Mac pc. The only problem is usually that you possess to buy it out of the nation.

I purchased mine at Sussex Model Centre. Rajul 05:52 AM. Another quick evaluation. I obtained the 'update' from the Home windows version, purchased direct from Gérmany, since I couId not really find any various other resource for the upgrade. It showed up in about a week. No problem setting up or running, I just acquired to find all the previous TX adapter wires that had gotten divided from the USB interface device (which will be furthermore the 'duplicate defense'). I was operating it on a couple year aged Mac Publication Pro 17, 2.33 GHz Primary 2 Duo, 3 Gb Ram memory, Radeon Times1600 images with 256 MB Vram, generally connected to an external 1920 x1200 pixel 28' keep track of.

It appears really great, and no complications with rate unless I possess a lot of other apps open at the exact same period. I furthermore downloaded a collection of other versions from RCsim.para Almost all of them proved helpful, but I got to use Home windows to 'install' some of the ones that came as.exe installer data files, then copy the data files over to the Mac pc side.

My one gripe can be that it would be fine if the license allow me install it on both my laptop and desktop computer machines. After all, it wont run without the equipment USB user interface. Bob kidwave 08:38 PM.