Wii Loop Machine For Mac


From: This weekend break I completed the Wii Cycle Machine software program that I began a several weeks back. It's i9000 a program for making use of the cellular Wii remote control to sync, handle, and change loops in true time. It'beds now ready for download ás a standalone appIicationif you possess a Mac pc with OSX (10.4.8 or 10.4.9 recommended) and bluetooth ánd a Wii controller then you should give it a attempt. In inclusion to the program, the writer has also offered some trial loops and an awesome demonstration video clip. I possess a sensation that a great deal of traditional DJ equipment will end up being collecting dirt from this stage ahead.

Wii Loop Device: video clip display, download, and test pack.

We have got previously mentioned several enjoyment uses of the with your Macintosh. The by Yann Seznec will be great little software for managing music loops (similar to those in Garageband) using the Wiimote.

Vocal Loop Machine

  1. The Wii Loop Machine by Yann Seznec is nifty little application for controlling music loops (similar to those in Garageband) using the Wiimote. You can select different loops with the buttons.
  2. Mar 19, 2007  A demo of my Wii Loop Machine software, which uses a Nintendo Wii controller to wirelessly controller music on your computer. A demo of my Wii Loop Machine software, which uses a Nintendo Wii.

Last night in the UK, an episode of Dragon's Den was shown in which Yann Seznec, an independent Wii developer, asked for a £150,000 investment in his unique Wii music games known as the 'Wii LoopMachine' and 'SimpleSynth'. Some of the Dragons laughed him off as a nutty professor but Peter Jones did.

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You can select various loops with the buttons and control play-back by relocating the Wiimote around in space. As you can notice in the video clip, it turns into a kind of Wii-dancé, and despite getting instead dorky furthermore looks kind of enjoyment. All of this can be made probable by developed by Masayuki Akamatsu, which furthermore functions with the Apple Remote control and other devices mainly because nicely.

After seeing this for the first time, I couldn't help but believe that next we need a Wiimote controlled Mac theremin!